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Les Lilas Dual Curriculum

At Les Lilas, we teach French immersion education using the Montessori approach. This unique combination helps children build a strong academic foundation, while also developing a lifelong love for learning.

Montessori Approach

Maria Montessori defined education as an aid to life—“a great social mission that will ensure the child justice, harmony and love.” Such a mission requires “the work of education.”

At Les Lilas French Bilingual Community School, we use the Montessori pedagogy to introduce and teach every lesson. We also believe in the Montessori method of mixed-age classrooms. The coexistence of different age groups in the same environment strengthens a child’s social sense, self-confidence, and the pleasure of giving and receiving help.

“The biggest become heroes and leaders, and younger ones are their admirers: they look to their elders for inspiration, and work towards their goals.”

- Maria Montessori

The two main areas of Montessori, which we incorporate in our lessons at Les Lilas, include Practical Life and Sensorial.

Practical Life

The Practical Life area promotes the development of gross and fine motor skills, concentration, and independence. It also encourages respect for others and the environment. Practical Life is the base of all Montessori avenues.


In the Sensorial area, children work on developing their keen sense of observation as well as their physical senses, including taste, hearing, sight, touch, and smell. According to Maria Montessori, sensory awareness helps us better appreciate the world around us.

The French Education System

Les Lilas provides French immersion education, following the structure administered by the French Ministry of Education. The curriculum is organized into 3 cycles:

Cycle 1: La Maternelle, Ages 3-6

  • Petite Section (PS) = Preschool
  • Moyenne Section (MS) = Pre-K
  • Grande Section (GS) = Kindergarten

Cycle 2: L’élémentaire, Ages 6-9

  • Cours Préparatoires (CP) = 1st Grade
  • Cours Elémentaires 1 (CE1) = 2nd Grade
  • Cours Elémentaires 2 (CE2) =3rd Grade

Cycle 3: La Grande élémentaire, Ages 9-11

  • Cours Moyen 1 (CM1) = 4th Grade
  • Cours Moyen 2 (CM2) = 5th Grade

Les Lilas currently offers La Maternelle (ages 3-6) and L’élémentaire (ages 6-11).