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Our Garderie Program


As you know, the school day does not end at 3:00 at Les Lilas ! Each year, we thrive to give the students staying at school not only more opportunities for learning but also for exploring new frontiers beyond the classroom and for expressing themselves. 

Les Lilas Garderie ’s mission is to give our students a wide range of quality after-school programming while supporting Les Lilas  parents by offering safe, fun, affordable and flexible childcare solutions before and after the school day. 

Flexibility is our motto as we try to respond to the unique needs of each family with a variety of enrollment options, ranging from semester registration to enrollment on an as-needed basis. 

This year we are again bringing opportunities for learning and also for wonder, self-discovery and social encounters to our students and we are looking forward to another fun and fulfilling adventure in La garderie.

Les Lilas 'afterschool program: La Garderie is designed to enrich and create exploratory opportunities for students. This unique program exposes students to a variety of disciplines like art, drama, chess, team building activities, reading and story telling, as well as puzzles and games. Students will explore their passions and interests in this setting and will create a variety of hands-on projects through different monthly themes. They will also have outdoor activities and a healthy snack to help develop and nourish their bodies. And most importantly, they will build friendships and have lots of fun!